"We would like to thank Davies Plumbing and Heating, owned and operated by Frank Davies in Elmsdale. For 30 years our home has been on well water. Our water used to have a foul odor and we could not drink it. The water stained our laundry, sinks, toilet, plates and washer. We installed a salt water softener and used it for approximately twenty years. It did not help. For the last 15 years we had to purchase drinking water. This became very difficult to bring into our home. We were looking for a solution when we had Davies Plumbing and Heating come to our home for an unrelated leak in our pipes. Mr. Davies informed us about a new salt-less water purification system. It is called the Catalytic 1000 Salt Free Water Softener. In July 2017 we installed the system. The system was installed within a few hours. It requires very little maintenance. In less than a month Davies Plumbing and Heating took samples of our water to Dalhousie University for testing. We were hoping that our water had improved enough to drink. The results were fantastic! We can drink our water. Our skin used to feel tight after our shower but that is no longer the case. It has improved our chapped hands and itchy legs (due to diabetes). The water no longer has an odor and it does not stain any of our appliances. Frank Davies and his company made our lives a lot easier. Our cleaning has been reduced, we no longer have to buy heavy jugs of drinking water for our home, nor do we have to spend time with the upkeep of our water system. This company has a very personal touch to doing business. They are professional, timely, and truly go out of their way to give you the best help possible. We thank you for everything you have done for us and we would recommend this system and Davies Plumbing to anyone."

- Sincerely, Yvonne and Harold Phalen.