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Water Protec Leak Detection System

Water-Protec Leak Detection System

The Water-Protec leak detection system helps minimize expensive water damage to residential, industrial and commercial buildings. The system is very effective in preventing water overflow from hot water tanks, bathtubs, sinks, dishwashers, washing machines, toilets, etc. The best part? The system is recognized by 11 home insurance companies which can save you up to 25% off the cost of your policy.

The system is comprised of an electronic valve, control panel, up to 10 wireless sensors and a remote control. The valve is installed at the main water entrance that automatically shuts off when the control panel receives an overflow signal from a sensor. We are trained to install the system and its wireless sensors which are placed anywhere that you foresee a potential trouble spot.

Catalyst 1000 Salt-Free Water Softening System

Catalytic 1000 Salt-Free Water Softener

The only healthy alternative to water softening. The best kept secret in the softening industry is the high level of sodium that salt-softeners add to tap water. This sodium can be absorbed into your skin as you shower which may contribute to high blood pressure. With our salt-free system you can soften without salt, water or electricity!

Why shower in salt-softened water that dries out your skin and hair? Or that’s toxic to your lawn and gardens? Not to mention the irritation that comes from lifting heavy bags of salt or jugs of drinking water. Once the salt is gone your water heater will run more efficiently, and your clothes will take less time to dry.

Click HERE to read a how the system has helped the Phalen family.

Bluewater Water Purification System

Blue Water Purifiers and Filters

Healthy drinking water is part of a healthy lifestyle. Without pure water human life would not exist. Yet less than one percent of all the water on the planet is drinkable. That is why Bluewater products are elegant, qualitative and affordable.

Bluewater purifiers have won industrial design prizes due to their unmatched reliability, capacity and efficiency In delivering pure, safe and healthy water. As Bluewater Chief Designer Gustav Nord says: "the challenge is to create likeable household solutions with outstanding user functionality that fit contemporary kitchens and are easy to install."

Giant Hot Water Heaters

Giant Hot Water Heaters

Giant manufactures premium quality products out of the best available Canadian made raw materials. In April 1997, Giant Factories Inc. took a giant step to help preserve our precious environment when they became the world’s first major water heater manufacturer to insulate its water heaters with eco-friendly foam insulation or eco-friendly fiberglass. The foam insulation has great insulating qualities and is environmentally safe (contains no HCFC's, CFC’s, nor VOC's).

All products are "Built to last longer" which has been Giant's motto and corporate philosophy since its founding over 60 years ago. Their water heaters boast an unsurpassed 8 year limited warranty against inner tank leakage from the date of installation, and a 5 year limited warranty on component parts including heating elements. The inner tanks are glass lined to provide the best coating available against corrosion for many years.

Riobel Bath, Kitchen and Shower Fixtures

Riobel Plumbing Fixtures

Producing ecological products since 1995, Riobel GREEN products are ideal for LEED projects as they contribute to a reduction in water consumption without compromising their efficiency. They are even more eco-friendly than WaterSense certified products.

Riobel products carry a limited warranty on the chrome, PVD finishes, and all working parts. They are guaranteed from the initial purchase date against all manufacturer defects. All other finishes are guaranteed for one year. Their time-tested PVD process protects against tarnishing, discoloration, scratching and corrosion. Check out our showroom to see your choices for kitchens, bathrooms and showers.

Giant Hot Water Heaters

Bell & Gossett ecocirc Wireless Hot Water Circulator

ecocirc Wireless Hot Water Circulator

Wait no more... the ecocirc wireless is a hot water recirculation kit for instant supply of hot water throughout the entire house. Part of the Smart Hydronic System, the recirculation pump and paired valve wirelessly communicate temperature data. The ecocirc pump is installed on the supply side of the hot water source and the valve under the sink farthest from the hot water source.

The desired water temperature at the valve is set remotely with the thermostat dial on the pump. A signal is sent to the ecocirc pump to begin circulating hot water throughout the system. The valve tempers the cold water at the faucet/tap, providing instant hot water. When the set temperature is reached, a signal is sent to turn off the pump to prevent continuous pump operation, saving energy. For additional savings, the pump can be set to timer based operation. An optional push button start can be plugged into any outlet in the house, this lets the ecocirc know you want hot water soon.